Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spread Positive Energy !!

There are times in life when, whether we want it or not, we do feel low and depresssed. It could be due to some expectation or desire not being fulfilled or some other disappointment. At such times, we need some help in getting over our misery and we need someone to cheer us up. And when such an event happens, we feel great and relieved..

If we can tune ourselves to get this sort of positive energy from within, how wonderful life could be ! We could rid ourselves of our pain points in no time. If we choose to be positive and look at everything with this outlook, not only do we help ourselves but we also ensure that our misery does not get transferred to people around.

By being positive, we can also help people who interact with us when they have similar moments. And thus we can create a great environment around us. People will value our company and seek us out. We will have more friends and eventually benefit in more ways than one !!

What is the secret of being positive and how does one do it ? Well, in my opinion and experience, positive attitude comes from the realisation that worrying and fretting and fuming and being anxious does not help in any way. Rather, such emotions have a negative and adverse effect. Being positive helps us look at the brighter side of things, become more energetic and enthusiastic and help come up with solutions to every situation.

So, what do you think ? Be positive and see it for yourself !!

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Sonal Raisinghani said...

Yes I agree with you sir that worrying, fretting , fuming etc does not help us in anyway... Infact spreads negativity.Being positive helps us to think of brighter side of things..Positive energy is contagious and it helps people around us..